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Build Your Own Dell PowerEdge R720 Server 16-Port 2.5in Drive Chassis

<b>Build Your Own Dell PowerEdge R720 Server</b> 16-Port 2.5in Drive Chassis

Dell PowerEdge R720 16-Port 2U Rack Mount Server

Next-generation power and flexibility in a 2U rack server. Keep pace with the exponential change of the virtual age using the state-of-the-art feature flexibility of the Dell PowerEdge R720.
  • Gain exceptional virtualization and complex workload performance with Intel Xeon Processors and up to 24 DIMMs.
  • Enhance data IOPS performance and simplify maintenance with optional hot-plug, front-access PCIe SSDs.
  • Take advantage of flexible I/O (input/output) and networking options with PCIe Gen3-enabled expansion slots and your choice of vendor and embedded NIC technologies.
Designed to excel at running a wide range of applications and virtualization environments for both mid-size and large enterprises, the Dell PowerEdge R720 rack server is a general purpose platform with highly expandable memory (up to 768GB) and impressive I/O capabilities to match.

With Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors, and the ability to support dual RAID controllers, the R720 can readily handle very demanding workloads, such as data warehouses, e-commerce, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), databases and high performance computing (HPC) as a data node.

Dell PowerEdge R720 Manufacturer Datasheet
Only: $1,775.00

Systime Certified Refurbished Off-Lease Server

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: S-DEL-R720-16B2-BASESERVER



RAID Controller

Hard Drive(s)

Drive #1

Drive #2

Drive #3

Drive #4

Drive #5

Drive #6

Drive #7

Drive #8

Drive #9

Drive #10

Drive #11

Drive #12

Drive #13

Drive #14

Drive #15

Drive #16

Front Bezel

Dell R720 Front Bezel with Key [Add $65.00]

Onboard Network Adapter

Optical Drive

DVD-ROM optical drive [Add $35.00]

Power Supply

Rail Kit

Dell ReadyRails Kit (square or round hole racks) [Add $115.00]

Operating System

Operating system is not pre-installed prior to shipment.

SystimeCare Extended Warranty